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Szalay László Dormitory description

Address: 7622 Pécs, Universitas street 2. 
Telephone: +3672/512-640
Email: szalay@pte.hu, info@pecs-hostel.hu

There are no guest rooms available currently in this dormitory.

The dormitory is located between the Knowledge Center and Kodály Center. The building was returned to the Students after a full renovation in 2010. The rooms are in a block system, which means that there are 2, three bed bedrooms in one block. Each block includes a diner, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet that is shared by 6 students. A disabled-friendly room is also available in the building. The dormitory is easily approachable by public transportation. The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business and Economics and two departments of the Faculty of Humanities is also just a few minutes away on foot.


  • 3 bed bedroom for one (night/1 guest) 6 000 HUF + tourism tax
  • 3 bed bedroom for two (night/2 guests) 8 000 HUF + tourism tax
  • 3 bed bedroom for three (night/3 guests) 9 000 HUF + tourism tax